What is Keep readable in revit?

Text elements have a property called Keep Readable. This prevents the text from being displayed upside down and reorients rotated text elements so they are “readable” from left to right and bottom to top.

How to Keep text readable in revit?

Click Settings menu > Family Category and Parameters. In the Family Category and Parameters dialog box, select the Keep Text Readable check box. Click Load into Project, select the family you are modifying to load the annotation symbol into that family, and then click OK.

How do I make text vertical in Revit?

On the Properties palette, for Formatting, click Edit. For each field whose column heading is to display vertically in the sheet, do the following: On the Formatting tab of the Schedule Properties dialog, under Fields, select the field. For Heading orientation, select Vertical.

How do I change a section tag in Revit?

Click View tab Create panel (Section). Click Modify | Section tab Properties panel (Type Properties). Click in the value box for the Section Tag parameter, and select a tag from the list. Click OK to save your changes.

How do you add an angle parameter in Revit?

Anytime you want to use an angle parameter inside Revit, you need to create a reference line. Create it along the reference plane on the right, with the first point at the intersection of the reference planes. Then, use the Align tool (shortcut: AL) to align the end point of the reference line to both reference planes.

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How do you create a section head in Revit?

Create a Section Head Family

  1. Click File tab New Annotation Symbol.
  2. In the Open dialog, select Section Head. …
  3. The section head template includes a predefined head. …
  4. If desired, add text to the symbol by clicking Text panel (Text).

How do you rotate annotations in Revit?

To rotate the tag, click Modify | Tags tab Modify panel (Rotate). For more information, see Rotating Elements. To align the tag with walls or boundary lines in the building model, press the Spacebar one or more times until the tag aligns with the desired element.

How do you change the color of a section in Revit?

One way to adjust Revit Section Line style, is to go to the Object Styles (Manage tab on the Ribbon > Object Styles). Then, on the Annotation Objects tab, there is a Category called Section Line. In this row you can change the line color, line pattern and the line width of the Revit Section line.

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