Where is the tree in Catia v5?

Where is the tree in Catia?

There are several possible causes:

  1. You pushed the F3 key. Hitting F3 again will bring the tree back.
  2. The tree was shrunk so much, that you can’t see it anymore. Click on the axis in the lower right corner. Then select the icon for ‘View Reframe’.

How do you lock a Catia tree?

Constraints can be locked and unlocked.

  1. Select the constraint in the specification tree and click the Lock selected parameters… ( ) /Unlock selected parameters ( ) icon, or.
  2. Right-click the constraint in the specification tree and select Lock the parameter / Unlock the parameter .

Where do we use axis in Catia?

Select Insert > Axis System from the menu bar or click Axis System . The Axis System Definition dialog box is displayed. An axis system is composed of an origin point and three orthogonal axes. For instance, you can start by selecting the vertex as shown to position the origin of the axis system you wish to create.

How do you show trees in Catia Drafting?


  1. Activate the Seat. CATProduct window.
  2. Select Window > Tile Vertically .
  3. Activate the Seat. CATProduct window. …
  4. With the specification tree visible, select the part instance named “seat” then right-click and select Open Sub-Tree . …
  5. Activate the Select. …
  6. Still with the Select. …
  7. Now, if you activate the Seat.
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How do you zoom in on Catia?

In CATIA V5 you also can use the buttons of your mouse and the key to rotate and zoom.

How to Rotate and Zoom in Creo and CATIA V5.

Function Mouse
Zoom Hold + Hold Middle or Hold Middle + Click Right or Hold Middle + Click Left

How do you unlock parts in Catia?

Select objects in the tree and click Lock or Unlock or right-click and and select Edit. The Lock (or Unlock) dialog box appears.

Can you hide a specification tree?

10. Is it possible to hide specification tree? Yes, with help of F3 button, but the option in Tools command must be checked to allow this.

How do I change font size in Catia v5?

Open CATIA. 2. Go to Tools > Standards > Drafting > ISO > Styles > Length / Distance Dimension > Default > Font > & change these settings (Font size: 14, Bold: Yes, Underline: Yes 7 Colour: Green).

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