Your question: How do you join objects in Catia?

How do you fill gaps in Catia?

Creating Fill Surfaces

  1. Click Fill in the Surfaces toolbar. …
  2. Select curves or surface edges to form a closed boundary. …
  3. Select the Continuity type to specify it between any selected support surfaces and the fill surface.

How do you turn a CATProduct into a part?

Open the 01_Cric_Assembly. CATProduct from the samples directory. It looks like this: Click Product to Part or select Tools > Generate CATPart from Product…

How many types of assemblies are there in CATIA?

There are basically three types of documents that are used in Assembly Design: the overall assembly, sub-assemblies, and individual part models. CATIA uses the word ‘product’ to refer to an assembly, and ‘part’ to refer to an individual model.

Which one is the file extension of CATIA Assembly?

CATPRODUCT is a file extension commonly associated with CATIA V5 Assembly Format files. CATIA V5 Assembly Format format was developed by Dassault Systemes. Files with CATPRODUCT extension may be used by programs distributed for Mac OS, Windows platform.

Which command can fill the small gap between the surfaces in Catia?

This task shows how to heal surfaces, that is how to fill any gap that may be appearing between two surfaces. This command can be used after having checked the connections between elements for example, or to fill slight gaps between joined surfaces. Open the Healing1. CATPart document from the Join Healing toolbar.

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How do I convert assembly to part in Catia?

How to convert an assembly into one solid model (single body) IN…

  1. Open your assembly.
  2. tools> create part from assembly.
  3. Click on the assembly you want to convert in the part tree.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Save the new part.

How do I convert step to Catia?

SolidWorks >> CATIA V5 (Dassault)

  1. To export a STEP file choose File -> Save as…, as file type choose STEP-Format (step, stp) and go to Options. …
  2. Under Output as the following options can be selected:
  3. Solid/Surface geometry: the geometry will be exported as solid and surface bodies.

How do I create a tool catalog in Catia?

Creating a Catalog

  1. From the CATIA Start menu, select Infrastructure > Catalog Editor to open the Catalog Editor workbench .
  2. Create a catalog from scratch using one of both methods available: Using the Catalog Editor interactive commands: Activate the chapter under which you want to create a chapter or a subchapter.
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